Havana Club Ashtray Quattro




The Havana Club Astray Quattro is designed in France, crafted in fine ceramic and proudly emblazoned with the now-famous Havana Club logo.   This handsome ashtray will hold up to 4 Cuban cigars, depending on the size.  It is the perfect solution when smoking alone or in small groups.
The bright colours of the Havana Club series make these ashtrays very popular among the cigar community.  Evoke the famous aesthetic of Cuba’s capital by adding one to your home lounge.  The Quattro will cater for individual smoking sessions as well as when entertaining, thanks to its 4 rests and deep dish.
Smoking occasions are not always the same and require different cigar accessories to ensure they run smoothly.  Choose from our other Havana Club Ashtrays for larger gatherings.
Havana Club Ashtray Secundo
Havana Club Ashtray Egoista
Havana Club Ashtray Socio


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