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    Cigar Cutters CIGAR SCISSORS 3CS

    Original price was: $13.00.Current price is: $8.95.

    The perfect accessory for me to flawlessly slice the caps off my top-shelf stogies, on special occasions I like to bust out my set of Cigar Scissors. Most cigar cutters typically involve one or two independently moving blades with a squeeze-like cutting action in the hand. This is where Cigar Scissors truly shine; because of…

  • Cohiba 55 Aniversario Premium Ashtray


    The Cohiba 55 Aniversario Premium Ashtray is a stylish yet functional Cigar Accessory to have. Made with quality porcelain, it flaunts a black and yellow checkered design, characteristic of the classic Cohiba branding.   Porcelain is a heat-resistant material that will allow you to tip off your excess ash without any damage to the product. It is very durable and perfect for everyday use, making…

  • Cohiba Classic Ashtray


    The Cohiba Classic Ashtray is a heat-resistant porcelain product that allows you to tip off your hot cigar ash effortlessly and safely. Stylish and simple, the dish sports the classic Cohiba design with a predominantly white dish, with accents of black and yellow. As it is made with porcelain, it provides a heat-resistant base, to allow cigar ashes…

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    Colibri Cigar Cutters BLACK & ROSE GOLD V-CUT 3CVCBR

    Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $39.95.

    This black and rose gold Colibri V- Cigar Cutter is a top-quality cutter crafted for both beauty and efficiency. The stainless steel blade is spring-loaded and designed with the perfect angle for the classic v cut that is always sharp and clean. I ordered this superb, premium cutter for my wife and she loves it!

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    Colibri Cigar Cutters BLUE & BLACK V-CUT 3CVCBL

    Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $39.85.

    Thanks to Colibri, I finally found a premium quality V-cutter! My Blue & Black V-Cut is not only a beauty to look at, this bad-boy comes with an ultra-sharp steel blade and precision spring-loaded release for a comfortable and clean cut on all of my premium cigars up to a 60-ring.

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    Colibri Cigar Cutters DOUBLE GUILLOTINE 3CCUTBO

    Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $30.15.

    My Colibri Double Guillotine Cutter with Orange Color Coated Blades offers precision accuracy compounded with striking good looks. Dual surgical steel blades cut through my favorite sticks like a hot knife through butter, and the no stick coating keeps everything clean. This unique and reasonably priced cutter has become one of my favorites.

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    Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $39.99.

    This Colibri Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter features super-sharp stainless steel blades that come coated with a non-stick, easily cleanable black lacquer. I wonder if the design was inspired by the famous pan? But I digress… this gem also has a 62-ring gauge opening for larger cigars, spring-loaded release, ergonomic handles, and a long lasting rubberized…

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    Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $30.15.

    The Double Guillotine cigar cutter from Colibri makes that perfect, precise cut even more exciting with its vibrantly blue colored blades! Stainless steel and a comfortable rubber coating deliver only the best quality for your premium cigars up to 62-ring. This is a must-have accessory for all smokers!

  • Colibri Quasar Ashtray


    The Colibri Quasar Ashtray makes an eye-catching cigar accessory for any cigar lounge or smoking room.  Its unique geometric design is made from strong alloy – equipped with non-slip rubber foot pads, so you can sturdily rest your Cuban cigars. The 3 dimensional, multi-faced body provides up to 6 resting spots for your smokes – making it the…

  • H. Upmann Ashtray


    The H.Upmann Ashtray is one of the cigar accessories that you aficionados need! The cigar ashtray has a cream finish and is with the H.Upmann Cigars logo at the centre of the dish. Providing 4 shelves for you to rest your Cuban cigars – it’s ideal for office meetings and small gatherings. It comes nicely packaged…

  • Habanos SA Ashtray


    This elegant Habanos SA Ashtray makes any smoking session feel like a special occasion. Crafted from lightly-weighted melamine, this luxury ashtray is designed with slots for up to four cigars and is decorated with Habanos’ iconic H logo. Its gold colour and resistance to staining make it the perfect homeware accessory for the discerning cigar…

  • Habanos Terrace Grid Ashtray


    The Habanos Terrace Grid Ashtray is perfect for entertaining your fellow Cuban cigar lovers.  As many as four puros will be comfortably accommodated on the lattice of this ashtray, meaning it is equally suited for group events or solo smoking. The ashtray is sturdy and burn-resistant, with a handsome grid to hold your sticks above…