Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona


Crafted as the first Nicaraguan Puro from Davidoff Cigars, Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona offers an intense palate stimulation with notes of white pepper, roasted coffee, and dark bitter chocolate, blended with a 10-year old Nicaraguan Rosado wrapper. Enjoy full-bodied flavors in a smaller format.

Davidoff Nicaraguan cigars and their bittersweet taste sensation are exceptionally paired with a semi-sweet rum such as Flor de Caña or a single malt whisky such as Bunnahabhain 12 Year.


Short Corona
Ring Gauge:
Length (in):
3 3/4
Smoking Time:
20 minutes
Nicaragua Rosado
Nicaragua Jalapa
Rating Cigar Journal:
Rating Cigar Aficionado:
CA Residents:
Prop 65 WARNING(S)



Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona

Introducing the Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona, a cigar that brings adventure and enjoyment to every occasion. Crafted with passion, this special creation is perfect for those seeking a delightful smoking experience.

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey with the Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona. This incredible cigar offers a unique blend that sets it apart from others. The combination of premium tobaccos from Nicaragua creates a taste that will make you curious and delighted.

Furthermore, this exceptional cigar provides a smooth and pleasurable smoking experience. The carefully selected leaves deliver a balanced and delicious flavor. In addition, the aroma is captivating and will add an extra touch of excitement to your smoking moments.

Why Buy the Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona

Discover a cigar that is;

  • Perfect for exploring new flavors.
  • Exquisitely crafted and burns evenly.
  • Its compact size makes it easy to hold and smoke. Moreover, the ash remains intact, showcasing its exceptional quality.

Moreover, this cigar is a treasure to be cherished. It represents the artistry and dedication of its makers. Furthermore, it is a wonderful addition to any cigar connoisseur’s collection.

In conclusion, the Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona is a cigar that brings adventure and enjoyment to your smoking experience. With its unique blend, smooth flavor, and easy-to-handle size, it’s a fantastic choice for young enthusiasts. Embark on a journey of flavors and make every moment special with this extraordinary cigar.


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