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  • Partagas 8-9-8 Cigar


    The Partagas 8-9-8 Cigar is another full-bodied Partagas release. It has a Dalias vitola – taking a larger format of 170mm by a 43 ring gauge. It features a Maduro claro coloured wrapper, which soft and oily to touch. You can expect the usual rich and earthy flavours from this Cuban cigar – typical of Partagas cigars….

  • Partagas Aliados Cigar LCDH


    Partagas Aliados are the latest addition to Habanos’ coveted LCDH Cigar collection.   The Aliados was released in 2022, exclusively for the network of Casa del Habano franchises worldwide.   These Cuban Cigars come in a brand new format, never seen before, which is named Delirios. That translates to a length of 167mm by 45 ring gauge. A…

  • Partagas Aristocrats Cigar


    The Partagas Artisocrats Cigar is another addition to the full-bodied, Partagas family. Due to the shorter smoking time of this Cuban cigar – many aficionados love to pair this with a glass of liquor, after a hearty meal. Measuring at 129mm with a 40 ring gauge, the smoking time lasts for up to an hour. Although it’s…

  • Partagas Ashtray


    The Partagas Ashtray is a great cigar ashtray for aficionados who love collectables. Made in Spain, it comes in a sleek black finish with red detailing – decorated by the famous Partagas Cigars. The easy grip lip allows a safe resting place for your Cuban cigars. The cigar accessory comes nicely packaged in a gift box – making…

  • Partagas Capitols Cigar


     The Partagas Capitols Cigar is a recent addition to the handmade Cuban Cigar portfolio by Habanos SA. It is part of a new release, all of which come in a rather attractive retro-style tin box with 5 cigars inside each.  All of these new releases also featured a vitola which was the norm for Cuban…

  • Partagas Chicos Cigar


    The Partagas Chicos Cigar provides those quintessential Partagas flavours whilst remaining great value for money. It stands out from the rest of its Partagas family as it’s a lighter smoke for you aficionados. It’s Chico vitola measures at 106mm by a 29 ring gauge. It stands as one of the slimmest Cuban cigars from our collection. This…

  • Partagas Coronas Gordas Añejados Cigar


    The Partagas Coronas Gordas Añejados Cigar is a part of the Añejados (aged) release by Partagas. This Cuban cigar has been aged for somewhere between five to eight years. The ageing process of the whole cigar – rather than just the tobacco – makes it very unique in comparison to Limited Edition Cigars and Regional Edition Cigars. This Coronas Gordas Vitola measures…

  • Partagas Coronas Junior Cigar AT


    The Partagas Coronas Junior Cigar is one of the best Cuban cigars online, for those wanting a small but powerful and strong smoke. A spicy aroma balances the subtle, peppery and earth flavours, which can be enjoyed for around 30 minutes. Perfect to accompany a quick lunch, the stunning, yellow aluminium tubes are a plush…

  • Partagas Coronas Senior Cigar AT


    The Partagas Coronas Senior Cigar is beautifully packaged and wrapped individually in aluminium tubes. Named after founder Don Jaime Partagas, the Partagas represents one of the world’s most renowned Cuban cigar names, whose work reflects the highest standards. With a length of 132mm, the Partagas Coronas Senior is a fantastic option for beginners and a great introduction to…

  • Partagas Culebras Cigar LCDH


    The Partagas Culebras Cigar LCDH is a completely unique Cuban cigar produced exclusively for Habanos as part of their LCDH editions. It comes in a twisted shape – making it a peculiar looking smoke. Culebras is the Spanish word for snake – looking at the appearance of this smoke, the name is fitting! The story goes that they…

  • Partagas de Luxe Cigar AT


    The Partagas de Luxe Cigar is an absolute must-have for any cigar aficionado’s humidor.  The Cremas vitola measures 140mm by a 40 ring gauge. It comes beautifully packaged in an eye-catching box, dressed in a bright aluminium tube.  This smoke is one of the smooth additions to the Partagas cigars family. Although, it still provides that full…

  • Partagas Habaneros Cigar


    The Partagas Habaneros Cigar is one of the least known cigars across the Partagas cigar range, despite being around for over half a century. Its release pre-dates the Cuban revolution, making it a true survivor given the number of cigars that were discontinued post-revolution. Its size is commonly referred to as a Belvederes which measures 125mm in length by 39…