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    Cigar Cutters CIGAR SCISSORS 3CS

    Original price was: $13.00.Current price is: $8.95.

    The perfect accessory for me to flawlessly slice the caps off my top-shelf stogies, on special occasions I like to bust out my set of Cigar Scissors. Most cigar cutters typically involve one or two independently moving blades with a squeeze-like cutting action in the hand. This is where Cigar Scissors truly shine; because of…

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    Colibri Cigar Cutters BLACK & ROSE GOLD V-CUT 3CVCBR

    Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $39.95.

    This black and rose gold Colibri V- Cigar Cutter is a top-quality cutter crafted for both beauty and efficiency. The stainless steel blade is spring-loaded and designed with the perfect angle for the classic v cut that is always sharp and clean. I ordered this superb, premium cutter for my wife and she loves it!

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    Colibri Cigar Cutters BLUE & BLACK V-CUT 3CVCBL

    Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $39.85.

    Thanks to Colibri, I finally found a premium quality V-cutter! My Blue & Black V-Cut is not only a beauty to look at, this bad-boy comes with an ultra-sharp steel blade and precision spring-loaded release for a comfortable and clean cut on all of my premium cigars up to a 60-ring.

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    Colibri Cigar Cutters DOUBLE GUILLOTINE 3CCUTBO

    Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $30.15.

    My Colibri Double Guillotine Cutter with Orange Color Coated Blades offers precision accuracy compounded with striking good looks. Dual surgical steel blades cut through my favorite sticks like a hot knife through butter, and the no stick coating keeps everything clean. This unique and reasonably priced cutter has become one of my favorites.

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    Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $39.99.

    This Colibri Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter features super-sharp stainless steel blades that come coated with a non-stick, easily cleanable black lacquer. I wonder if the design was inspired by the famous pan? But I digress… this gem also has a 62-ring gauge opening for larger cigars, spring-loaded release, ergonomic handles, and a long lasting rubberized…

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    Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $30.15.

    The Double Guillotine cigar cutter from Colibri makes that perfect, precise cut even more exciting with its vibrantly blue colored blades! Stainless steel and a comfortable rubber coating deliver only the best quality for your premium cigars up to 62-ring. This is a must-have accessory for all smokers!

  • Premium Cigar Cutters CAMACHO XI2 3CAMXI2


    Show some love for the Scorpion brand from Camacho with the Camacho XI2 Cigar Cutter. The Scorpion logo is proudly displayed on the elegant tear drop shape of this popular XI2 model. This cutter has the hardest and sharpest blades you can buy, to provide a precise clean cut every time. The body is sturdy…

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    Vertigo Cigar Cutters BIG DADDY 80-RING 3VCUBD

    Original price was: $3.99.Current price is: $3.85.

    I normally smoke 60 to 70-ring gauge cigars, so the affordable Vertigo Big Daddy 80-Ring Cutter can easily snip them with room to spare. And, on those rare occasions when I do tackle the biggest stick that I can find, this device has me covered. The serrated stainless steel blades are razor sharp and the…

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    Original price was: $4.99.Current price is: $4.75.

    For the handful of us premium smokers that love a 70-plus ring gauge, we now have the Big Kahuna 80-Ring Serrated Cutter from Vertigo. Boasting the biggest cut available on the market, this very affordable cutter is made of durable plastic and features serrated stainless steel blades that can cut up to an 80-ring gauge…

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    Xikar Cigar Cutters 009 PUNCH PULL OUT GUNMETAL 3CCPOGM

    Original price was: $64.99.Current price is: $54.95.

    This Gunmetal Pull-Out punch cigar cutter is what you need when you’re in a rush but, must have the perfect cigar cutter just grab your keys and go. With a simple pull-down motion, the stainless steel 9mm blade is exposed, after creating the perfect punch, you can now enjoy your handmade premium cigar. With a…

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    Xikar Cigar Cutters M8 BLACK 3XCCBK2

    Original price was: $66.99.Current price is: $58.95.

    The M8 Black Cigar Cutter is crafted in the classic guillotine design which I prefer over the unique oval shape found on many popular Xikar models. The M8 still comes with the sharpest dual blades that you will find on any cutter on the market today. Solid in the hand, and flawlessly designed, the M8…

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    Xikar Cigar Cutters MTX TOOL 3XMTX

    Original price was: $64.99.Current price is: $54.95.

    The perfect companion for any cigar enthusiast is the xikar cigar cutter. Crafted with precision and designed for ultimate functionality, these cutters are a must-have accessory for those who appreciate a smooth and enjoyable smoke. With the Xikar Cigar Cutters, you can say goodbye to uneven cuts and messy cigars.